Why Hawaii Panoramic Photos For Sale Can Change Your Space

As an artist, one of the things that got me most excited about photography was shooting Hawaii panoramic photos. There are many reasons why I enjoy creating these images and also many advantages to adding one to your space! Let me explain.....

a panoramic scene at Kapalua Bay on the island of Maui at sunset with coconut palms and the Hawaiian island of Molokai in the background.

One of those perfect Maui summer sunset scenes that I just happened to stroll by at Kapalua Bay and frame up a panorama. The romantic setting here with the island of Molokai in the background just seemed like it needed to be captured and enjoyed. Captured with a medium format camera for extra quality and detail.

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Nature-Themed Panoramic Prints

Panoramic photo prints are a dramatic and breathtaking way to decorate your home or office. A panoramic photo is wide and unobstructed, taking in an extensive area in all directions. It can also be called wide format photography.

Why are Hawaii panoramic photos so popular? The incredible vistas and varied terrain are a big attraction for people who visit the islands, and photographs of the raw beauty of nature bring a piece of this back home. From mountains to beaches, there’s truly something for everyone.

Panoramas offer the ability to shoot not just whole mountains, but entire mountain ranges. This is a big draw for landscape photographers and people seeking a glimpse of wide expanses of mountains in nature. Hawaii has jungle-covered mountains, so the photos are all very green and lush.

panoramic view of the Kalalau Valley on the island of Kauai with a rainbow and a dramatic sunset along the Na Pali Coast

Kalalau Valley on the island of Kauai is one of the most special places on Earth to me. Just absolutely breathtaking and if you could imagine what heaven must look like, well I think it'd look like this

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The vastness of the ocean is hard to capture in any image. With a panoramic photo, you can get a better idea of water stretching as far as the eye can see.

long exposure sunset panoramic photograph at Mala Ramp in Lahaina, Maui.   The sun is setting behind the island of Lanai and creating a purple tone throughout t

A long exposure I took at Mala Ramp in Lahaina. The purple tones here with the subject are just a thing of beauty

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Wave photographs are a popular print, as the wider dimensions show the full range of the wave curl.

a very special moment at Jaws was captured here with the wave breaking and Maui's sea cliffs in the background.  The wave is illuminated by the sun and one of m

"Tsunami" was a very special moment as Jaws broke very differently than usual and the colors that come through on this one are just purely amazing with the sunlight! It was such a thrill to capture this image from a boat

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You can’t forget Hawaii’s famous beaches! Black volcanic sand adds a distinctive contrast to the bright blue water and green foliage. Panoramas make it so nothing is cropped out of the image.

panoramic daytime view of the black sand beach at Waianapanapa State Park near Hana on the island of Maui with an incoming wave

One of my favorite beaches I've ever been to and I just love the contrasts of this scene. The almost electric greens contrasting off of the black lava rock, the blue sky against the green and the waves against the black sand. Truly one of the gems of Maui and such a refreshing scene to take in. I captured this one with a medium format camera for maximum detail and color

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Forests lend a calming feel to any room, especially those who have actually been to Hawaii and can imagine the wildlife all around. Try playing a soundtrack of nature sounds to get really into the moment. Visualize the jungle with birds, insects, and all the rest.

Where Should I Hang My Panoramic Print?

Panoramas are typically displayed quite large and are more likely to attract attention than typical images. This type of wall art can be used for high-impact interior decorating. Panoramic prints have an aspect ratio of 2:1 or larger, with the image measuring at least 2x wider than it is high.

Panoramic images look best in larger spaces. Wide, empty walls are the perfect location. Placement above sofas or beds lend a theme and a focus to any room. Empty space above stairwells or doorways are popular as well.

Lanikai Dreamin Wall Art

Another great option is a vertorama. This is a vertical panorama, meaning the image can stretch from floor to ceiling instead of side to side. A great way to fill up an empty column or unused narrow wall space, vertoramas are available in a number of sizes.

a hawaiian green sea turtle heads out to the ocean at sunrise on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii.  Hawaii Fine Art photography by Andrew Shoemaker

A lone Honu (sea turtle) heads out to the ocean right after sunrise. What an incredibly beautiful scene this was to witness

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Photographing Panoramas

Panorama photos are more technically difficult. I furthered my development as a professional photographer by shooting panoramic images. It’s not quite as easy as taking a pano with your iPhone! These images take a lot more time and planning than standard photographs, as multiple images need to match and line up perfectly.

Most modern panoramic images are created by joining multiple photographs with slightly overlapping fields of view. Modern software such as Photoshop or Lightroom can be used to digitally stitch images together into a panorama. This used to be done manually by cutting and gluing photos together! The stitching method also allows for larger, more detailed prints, along with more cropping ability in post-processing.

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I’d love for you to check out the magic of panoramic photos. View all of my Hawaii panoramic photos and vertoramas here

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