Gallery Quality Photographic Fine Art

Thank you for stopping by my website and your interest in collecting my work! The information below should help answer any questions you may have, explaining the printing process and the various mediums used to reproduce my Collector's Edition Prints. If you have additional questions you would like answered please feel free to Contact me and I will be happy to help! All of my prints are proudly made right here in the USA. Additionally, every purchase helps to support our workers & their families, our vendors & their families, and our galleries, which have been directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are all grateful for your support and hope this art brings you years of inspiration!

Acrylic Facemounts | True Photographic Prints

What is an acrylic facemount? An acrylic facemount is a true photographic print facemounted to an optically clear sheet of acrylic glass. This process gives the print an almost 3D feel and is the highest quality method of displaying photography available today. When you combine a metallic photo print with the acrylic, the crystals in the paper illuminate when any light is present making the art seem like it is lit from behind. This method is the most archival and accepted by museums and galleries worldwide

Anatomy of an Acrylic Facemount
Acrylic Facemount Corner Sample

TruLife® Acrylic

My favorite acrylic to use is called TruLife®. It's an optically clear acrylic that provides the most depth, color, and detail to come through for the best viewing experience. It surpasses other acrylics with the following properties:

      -Reduces Reflections

      -Scratch and abrasion resistant

      -Blocks 99% of UV rays

      -Anti-Static and repels dust

      -Cleans like glass. No special cleaners are needed

      Standard Acrylic compared to TruLife Acrylic

        Gallery Contemporary Prints

        Not to be confused with a dye-sublimation metal print, Gallery Contemporary Prints offer superior image quality in every way. These were developed as an alternative to acrylic facemounts and use a real laser exposed chromogenic photo print is mounted to a 1/16" sheet of aircraft grade aluminum and then a UV protection layer is applied to the outside of the print. You're left with a print that's the same image quality as an acrylic facemount, lighter in weight, and slightly lower cost due to less overall materials being used. With the slim profile, they can also be framed at a later date if preferred or framed just like an acrylic facemount. Due to the archival qualities, these prints are also included in the Collector's Edition and come signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

        Protective film layer for shipping
        72" Gallery Contemporary Installed

        Metal Prints | Brilliant Contemporary Art

        My images are also available in an open edition as metal prints in various sizes (and even different shapes). Metal Prints are a relatively new print process where dyes are infused into aluminum sheets using heat and pressure. This process is called dye-sublimation and is the most durable medium available. Metal prints are very lightweight, scratch resistant, totally waterproof and fade and UV resistant. I've had collector's put metal prints in saunas, showers, even underwater in a pool! Metal Prints also come ready to hang with a 3/4" aluminum frame on the back of the print with a french cleat hanging system.

        Metal Print Corner Sample
        Metal Print Backing With Hardware