Behind the Lens | Interview with Hawaii Photographer Andrew Shoemaker

Maui, Hawaii

Andrew Shoemaker sits down with Mike Goldner from ArtisanHD to talk shop, inspiration, and fine art printing.

Andrew’s photography is highly motivated by Hawaii’s varied natural landscape and its constant source of adventure. The best part of his job is seeing the joy and inspiration that his art brings other people.

He describes his art as big, bold, and colorful, making it well suited for large prints. It’s rewarding for Andrew to see his work printed– that’s when it feels complete to him. TruLife Acrylic Face Mounts are his favorite way to display his art for a glossy look without reflections.

The Fuji GFX 100 is currently Andrew’s go-to camera. But he emphasizes that it’s not all about the camera. The skill of the photographer behind the lens is just as important. Being self-taught, Andrew encourages aspiring photographers to keep working on the craft. Keep improving and refining your skills.