Art for a cause : Sale raises aid for Ukraine

Maui, Hawaii

Andrew Shoemaker Photography took action using their art for a cause, raising over $7,000 for UNICEF for Ukraine in just 48 hours.

Art for a cause : Flash print sale raises aid for Ukraine

Thursday, February 24th will go down in history as the day Russia invaded Ukraine without provocation. Nearly 12,300 miles away in the pristine and peaceful area of Lahaina in Maui, Andrew Shoemaker looked on with the rest of the world wondering about the fate of our big blue planet. He recalls that weekend as a time of deep contemplation and wondering what he could do to help his fellow humankind across the oceans.

As the outbreak of war in Europe was on everyone’s mind, Andrew knew he had to do something to help. As he began to brainstorm ideas, he wondered if he could use his art for a social cause to offer aid to Ukraine.

By Monday, there were two days left in the month and he decided to take action by launching an online fine art print flash sale - with 100% of the profits to be donated to UNICEF for Ukraine.

The response was immediate. Within two days, Andrew’s online gallery patrons were able to raise over $7000 in aid for Ukraine and its most vulnerable citizens, children.

Wall Art from Hawaii Photographer Andrew Shoemaker

Full Interview with Andrew Shoemaker, Spring 2022:

What prompted you to do this kind act for Ukraine (obviously the ongoing crises there) but why not any of the other crises going on in the world?

This conflict was right in your face from day one. Thinking about what the people of Ukraine are going through caused me to think. I asked myself, what can I do about it? 

How can I use my photography to have a positive impact? I felt very emotional over the situation and felt I should do something. This crisis just feels different as we have a nuclear armed country involved so it puts the world on edge a bit.

Have you ever photographed Ukraine before?

I've never photographed Ukraine and I've never been there either.  Someday I'll get there and when I do, I’ve already got my eye on some beautiful landscape locations.

Why choose UNICEF?

We chose UNICEF mainly because their focus is on the most innocent victims of war, the children. Watching the coverage, many of the kids have been separated from their fathers who chose to stay and fight which they may never see again.  As a father of two kids, I felt a strong urge to help other children. They don't deserve any of this and the aid that goes to them has a huge impact - they're our future.  These children are going to need help for a lot of years.

In the future, we'd like to do this again for other organizations that help over there as well as organizations that are helping right here at home. Part of our long-term plan is donating a percentage of our profits every month. I believe it's very important to give back.

Did you accomplish what you set out to?

I think it was very successful. 

I am fortunate to have such an awesome group of people that collect my work. We had several collectors who participated and then there were some new collectors as well that came across the website or were referred to the website by others.  

People just wanted to do something to help. I felt such warm kindness from others during this fundraiser.

I believe you get what you give in this world and the more you give, the more it comes back to you.

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With a commitment to help, Andrew plans to do another fundraiser in June for World Ocean Day.

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