Antelope Canyon Photography | The Art of Arizona Slot Canyons


Why is Antelope Canyon Photography so amazing? Well, having just seen a few pictures before, I really didn't anticipate the sense of scale, variety, and beauty of these amazing slot canyons in Arizona......

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In Awe of Mother Nature

This was my first time venturing into the Arizona slot canyons and wow was I amazed! The sandstone walls change colors throughout the day depending on the lighting conditions and as a photographer, this is just plain paradise! Every time you walk through, different lighting draws your eye to other areas. These canyons are formed by millions of years of water and wind erosion from the flash floods of the Arizona monsoon season on the sandstone. It's really hard to believe it forms this way, but mother nature is the sculptor of this epic masterpiece. Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons are on Navajo land in northern Arizona. I needed a Navajo guide to visit these areas which was awesome.

Fine Art Photographer Andrew Shoemaker in Lower Antelope Canyon
Me venturing through Lower Antelope Canyon for the first time

Photographing the Canyons

At the moment, there are no tripods allowed in either upper or lower Antelope Canyons. Luckily with the latest modern mirrorless cameras you are able to pull off shots that wouldn't be possible without a tripod now. I couldn't decide which camera would work best in there between my Fuji GFX 100s and Nikon Z7 so I decided just to bring both! My wife was my lovely camera assistant helping me switch between camera bodies easily. Your mind can truly wander in here finding amazing images everywhere.

Photographer Andrew Shoemaker capturing light beams in Upper Antelope Canyon
Light Beams in Upper Antelope Canyon

Beam Me Up

As if the slot canyons aren't amazing enough, if you can time it right, light beams can come into the canyons! Upper Antelope Canyon is more well known for the light beams and my Navajo guide made sure to get me in there during prime time. The canyon itself is other worldly and then you add these beams of light, and it's like another force is at play here.

a beam of light shooting into the magnificent upper antelope canyon near Page, Arizona.  Fine art southwest photography by artist Andrew Shoemaker

When the timing is right, light beams come into the canyons adding an other worldly dimension to an already incredible scene. I could stare at these forever, but they usually don't last too long so I knew I needed to capture this frame quickly.

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photograph inside of upper antelope canyon in page, arizona featuring a beam of light from the sky.  Fine Art Arizona photography from artist Andrew Shoemaker

Slot canyons are just an amazing creation by mother earth and when you mix the canyon with sun beams, magic sure seems to happen in here! What a truly amazing experience it was to hike through these canyons and truly feel blessed.

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For someone that mostly photographs the Hawaiian Islands, this was a welcome treat and unique challenge to me. After being locked down in Hawaii for so long with covid restrictions, a change in scenery was very refreshing for the soul. Some images in here would be considered abstract photography and some would be considered landscape. The variety is just endless.........

abstract wall art image of lower antelope canyon in page, Arizona in the american southwest.  Fine art nature photography from Hawaii artist Andrew Shoemaker
Whirlwind Collector's Edition of 100

The Art of Antelope Canyon

Many unique patterns and photos can be found in here and what I like is everyone's images are going to look so different. I'm glad that I did multiple trips through the canyons as the lighting changed so much and I was able to settle down more and think about the shot rather than just being blown away by the beauty of the canyon itself. The image below was not possible with the lighting the first time I went through the canyon. However the second time, it was absolutely magic! The contrast and transitions between the hot and cold tones here are really something that I've never seen before.

a beautiful photograph in lower antelope canyon resembling an angel with wings.  Contrasting colors or purple, red, and orange make up this Arizona scene

Deep in this slot canyon I was captivated by this formation resembling the female form with what appears to be wings when viewed from this angle. Throughout the day the light changes so dramatically in here and the contrasting colors of purple, red and orange of this scene really made just magical to witness. I didn't have much of a time window to capture this wonder of nature but I managed to come away with this beauty.

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There are so many unique perspectives and compositions to find and so many leave the imagination to the viewer. There are also many other slot canyons in the area that you can visit and also enjoy. I visited a few others and really liked how there was no one else around.

Chronicle panoramic photograph of lower antelope canyon in the state of Arizona in the American Southwest.  Fine art nature photography by Andrew Shoemaker

The American Southwest is home to some of the most amazing slot canyons in the world. The lines, tones and color separation are just truly mind blowing and fantastic for abstract photography

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sandstone formations inside of rattle snake canyon and the sunlight creates the look of a face in the rock.  American Southwest Photography by Andrew Shoemaker

When I turned around in this narrow slot canyon in Arizona, the sunlight was hitting the sandstone just right to create a face.

Collector's Edition of 100

Visiting Antelope Canyon

Feeling like you want to see Antelope Canyon for yourself now? I don't blame you as I think everyone should experience this wonderful gift from mother nature. Both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons are located outside of Page, Arizona. Page itself is a small charming town but everything you need is right there. As far as tours through the canyons, there are a few companies you can go with......

Lower Antelope Canyon

Dixie's Lower Antelope Canyon Tours - Indn, Route 222, Page, AZ 86040 (928) 640-1761

Ken's Tours Lower Antelope Canyon - Indian Rte 222, Page, AZ 86040 (928) 645-6997

Upper Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon Tours Inc. - 22 South Lake Powell Boulevard Page, AZ (855) 574-9102

Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tours - Highway 98 Road & Milepost 302, Page, AZ 86040 (928) 380-1874

Antelope Slot Canyon Tours - 55 South Lake Powell Blvd Page, AZ 86040 (928) 645-5594

Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours - Highway 98, Milepost 300, Page, AZ 86040 (928) 310-9458

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A beautiful fine art photograph representing the shape of a heart inside of Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona.  American Southwest Fine Art by Andrew Shoemaker

Deep within Antelope Canyon a heart can be found. How it contrasts with the light and dark here is really something special and it continues to amaze me how this symbol can keep popping up nature time and time again.

Heart's Desire antelope canyon fine art photography

Collector's Edition of 100

fine art photograph of the famous antelope canyon in Page, Arizona.  American Southwest wall art from fine art photographer Andrew Shoemaker.  Buy yours today!

When the timing is just right, you get beams of light within the slot canyons creating a heavenly or other worldly look. This one reminded me of the old Star Trek shows. Beam me up!

american southwest fine art photography

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western fine art photography wall art from Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona.  Photographic prints for sale from artist Andrew Shoemaker

The leading lines in Lower Antelope Canyon pull you into this frame. I could feel it in person and knew I only had a few moments before this warm light would disappear.

western photography wall art

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