My Hawaii Photography Story

The year was 2011 and I was thinking of taking a trip some place beautiful. I'd saved all year and I only had one week vacation so I wanted it to be special. After doing a little research, I had decided I'd fly from Arizona to go explore the island of Kauai with my girlfriend at the time. I'd been to Maui and Oahu before as a child and remembered how beautiful it was and thought I'd come back to Hawaii to explore a new island. At the time, I was just running around with a fancy Canon point and shoot camera which I thought was the most amazing thing ever. I bought it for a deal when Circuit City was going out of business (remember that place?). You could toss this little camera in your backpack or pocket and it's what I started documenting all of my adventures with. Skiing, hiking, off-roading, etc, this camera was always with me. Now enter Hawaii into the equation......

Hanalei Deju Vu

Hanalei Bay is one of my favorite places in the world and this morning with a double rainbow was so very special!

Collector's Edition of 50

After arriving on Kauai, the natural beauty of the island immediately stuck out. Coming from Arizona at the time, this was so different. There were coconut palms here, everything was lush and green and there were amazing waterfalls everywhere! We all ended up on the North Shore in Princeville and if you've ever been, the backdrop just seems like something out of an amazing movie you've seen before. The reason it seems that way is because it was most likely filmed there! My camera card was nearly filled up after the first day and I was on cloud 9.

I had originally booked a powered hand glider as a way to explore the island by air before even leaving the mainland. Unfortunately there was a tragic crash about a week before I arrived and my flight ended up being cancelled. I had decided on a doors off helicopter tour instead and my goodness, it was something that would change my life forever!

Fantasy Coast

I captured this very dramatic angle of the jaw dropping Na Pali Coast on the island of Kauai. This place has always taken my breath away and one of my most favorite places in the world

Collector's Edition of 50

Seeing Kauai from the air was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before and when the doors are off, it's just perfect for photography. I'll never forget approaching the Waimea Canyon and all of the sudden it just drops off nearly 4,000 feet below you and there's a huge waterfall off to the right plummeting into this beautiful lush tropical canyon. I starting thinking if perhaps I'd died and gone to heaven? Then the most unforgettable experience happened when we turned the corner to reveal the magnificent Na Pali Coast from the air. I admittedly got all teary eyed as it was perhaps the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! The reds, oranges and greens contrasting with this deep blue Hawaii water was just something that seemed to reinforce that I must be in heaven or dreaming. My little camera was just clicking away until I killed the battery.

Na Pali Dreamin'

The Na Pali Coast on the island of Kauai is just an awesome sight! I had the pleasure of photographing this from a boat and was very blessed to have a rainbow here in the scene as well. One of my personal favorites scenes right here on planet earth

Collector's Edition of 50

After I came down from the clouds and had a chance to look at my images from my camera, I was slightly disappointed at how the images came out. I didn't feel like camera had captured things the way I was seeing it and they just didn't seem to bring out the beauty that I was seeing. In hindsight, this was my fault and my little amazing point and shoot camera didn't stand a chance at what I was expecting. I really didn't know what I was doing and was just shooting and expecting the camera do the work. I could've shot in manual mode for starters which would've been a tremendous help and shoot in RAW but I really didn't know any of these techniques at the time nor did my favorite camera have these options. I thought, why did the camera make the sky white when it was blue and expose for the mountains? As usual, the problem was user error. This experience changed me forever and I became determined to learn photography in a way worthy to capture this magnificence that I was witnessing. A love affair had begun with the Hawaiian Islands and my Hawaii photography journey was born.

Lanikai Dreamin
Lanikai Dreamin'

I had immediately bought an entry level Canon DSLR and a few lenses after returning to the mainland. After a little reading and practice, I felt I had a pretty good grasp on what was happening and how to operate this camera. Once you figure out how to use the camera, all of the rest is in your head and learning to express your vision. What it provided was more manual control over the settings and I was off and running, cruising around Arizona and practicing every chance I could photographing desert sunsets, beautiful scenes in Sedona, and of course the Grand Canyon. Within a year, I had progressed to a full frame Canon 5D Mark II which was THE best camera of it's time. A year later, I was back on Kauai armed and dangerous and ready to begin my Hawaii photography journey. This time I was solo and devoted the entire trip to photographing the island.

Solar Echoes

A long exposure I took at Mala Ramp in Lahaina. The purple tones here with the subject are just a thing of beauty

Collector's Edition of 50

Admittedly, I still had a lot to learn with technique and composition after this latest trip but I was very happy with my images I had created. After returning to the mainland, I just couldn't get Hawaii out of my head and nothing else I seemed to photograph was quite as satisfying to me. Eventually, I realized that Hawaii is where I belong and I was supposed to be there to photograph it's beauty. I made it my goal to get to Hawaii and make it happen and then, it did.....

I got offered a position on the island of Maui and me and my girlfriend (who's now my wife), made the move and we started a new life. My camera was always with me and when I wasn't working, I was out shooting around the island and it truly pained me if I missed an amazing sunset or moment. Getting acquainted to the island life and exploring everything that Maui had to offer, we had found paradise and luckily I had found a woman that embraced my passion for both Hawaii and Photography.

Kaanapali Nights

While on a family staycation, I just happened to come across one of those perfect sunset scenes that I just had to capture! I couldn't get enough of this view with this incredible flower foreground, coconut palms and the island of Lanai framed perfectly in the background. Just quintessential Kaanapali

Collector's Edition of 100

After a couple of years of photographing the islands, one weekend we made a trip over to Lahaina to browse the art galleries on Front Street. After stopping in several amazing spots, we made our way into a small little photography gallery and asked for the manager's contact information. We chatted on the phone for over an hour and she was blown away with my work and thus my gallery career was born as a guest artist. After a successful time as a guest artist and with a little twist of fate pulling my arm, we decided it was time to start my own photography gallery in Lahaina which was always my dream.

Andrew Shoemaker Fine Art Photography Gallery in Lahaina, HI

Which brings us to the present 10 years later. The Lahaina gallery has been open now for 3 years and it's been such an amazing experience meeting people and collectors from all over the world. I'm truly blessed to be here doing what I love and the life experiences Hawaii photography has brought us are just truly priceless!

First Contact

My very first whale encounter was totally by accident when this mother and calf decided to come check me out. An absolutely unforgettable experience and one I will cherish forever

Collector's Edition of 50

Opposing Forces

One of the most epic scenes that I've ever witnessed, lava entering the ocean with the pacific crashing against it in opposition is just truly amazing! You literally have fire and water opposing each other here so it's a battle of two forces

Collector's Edition of 50

Tame The Beast

An image from this past swell at Jaws (Peahi) here on Maui. Kai Lenny is absolutely at his best surfing Jaws and it's really a thing of art to watch. Really love this angle and there's no other way to get it other than being right there on the water. When the angle of the sun is right, rainbows are also possible in the spray to take it to the next level

Collector's Edition of 50

Enter Paradise

Just a picture perfect day at Secret Beach and this one just truly takes you right to paradise. Maybe my most favorite beach on the island and I have a lot of history here

Collector's Edition of 50