Advantages For Corporate Art Buyers to Work Directly with Galleries

Corporate art buyers have the difficult task of finding the most aesthetically pleasing art within the client’s budget. To do this, they need to consider things like if the prints are on brand, which substrate is ideal for printing and display, what size of prints are needed, how long the prints need to last, if the art appropriate for the space, and if the prints are easy to install or maintain.

With all these considerations, it's no wonder that corporate art buyers will often turn to the experts at photography galleries for help answering these questions and getting the look the company needs. Here are some of the biggest advantages to working with a gallery as a corporate art buyer, especially artist-owned galleries.

Corporate Art Consulting

Corporate art consultants are great with helping a company find the right prints for the right budget, but they can also be expensive to work with. Artists who own galleries have similar experience in the art market, not to mention first-hand knowledge about the art itself. As such, they can provide unique and insightful fine art consulting services.

Gallery owners have experience working with corporate clients and addressing their concerns, consulting on things like:

Art Expertise

While taste is always subjective, gallery owners have the best understanding of the art market and what is literally "selling" so they know what people like or are trending towards. Art buyers can leverage this expertise to help choose the right photo prints for their corporate art collections.

Asset Maintenance Advice

Companies want to purchase an art asset and keep it for as long as they can before spending more budget to replace it. Gallery owners will review your different medium options (most typically acrylic and metal) and discuss how long-lasting the art will be. In areas like hotels and restaurants, the ability to easily clean prints is important as well.

Art Budget Optimization

Corporate art buyers need to get the most out of their budget. Gallery owners are best suited to give options that can save on costs because they are trying to sell the most units, and can often broker deals for bulk orders.

Mesmerize Wall Art

Access to Exclusive Prints

If you want to use art to create special experiences for your customers, guests, and employees, you can't do that with a generic, off-the-shelf corporate art print.

Corporate buyers are hired to find new works of art, so just buying 1,000 copies of a well-known art print isn't ideal. Instead, you want to find unique works of art that fulfill your client's unique goals and match the intention of the space.

Because galleries work directly with artists, or may even be artist-owned, they can help corporate art buyers acquire custom or exclusive prints such as:

  • Limited editions: Artworks that have a set number of prints so you know how exclusive they are
  • Limited releases: Artwork that was printed only during a specific time frame
  • Exclusive editions: Artwork that was only printed for the company and cannot be sold elsewhere
  • Special editions: Artwork produced using a unique process or in recognition of an event/milestone

Forming a relationship with photographers and gallery owners offers the chance at previews of upcoming projects for exclusive use, and staying on top of trends you may not be aware are coming.

an abstract panoramic image of sunset at La Jolla shores beach creating a painterly feel with camera movement.  Abstract photography by Andrew Shoemaker

An abstract image I created from a beautiful oceanfront room at sunset at La Jolla Shores beach. A technique called intentional camera movement was used to create a painterly, abstract feel to this special image.

Collector's Edition of 100

Artwork Is Pre-Curated

A gallery is by nature a curated collection of the best prints available. Gallery owners spend a lot of time selecting the perfect prints to display and sell so they act as a filter for corporate art buyers, showing them only the very best artwork.

Artist-owned photo galleries are curated around that particular photographer's style and inspirations. This offers the opportunity to see many pieces with the same theme or artistic style, perfect for projects that need print variation with continuity in other areas.

Some galleries will also have collections from multiple artists, so instead of dealing with several individual artists, you can deal with one gallery. Depending on your project, this can save a lot of time.

a beautiful Japanese maple tree with fall colors photographed at the Japanese garden in Portland, Oregon by fine art photographer Andrew Shoemaker

This amazing maple tree absolutely comes to life in autumn displaying almost a rainbow of colors. Underneath the canopy you become one with the tree and its shape reminds me of a rising Phoenix. Very powerful, yet incredibly beautiful.

Collector's Edition of 100, Artist Proof of 1

Bulk Discounts

Buying art on a commercial scale (bulk orders) can allow for price efficiencies that lower the cost-per-print substantially.

When you work with a photo gallery, you have two opportunities to get a bulk discount. Galleries work directly with artists and can negotiate discounts for bulk print purchases. Galleries themselves can also offer discounts to corporate buyers for large art deals. This saves time and money when ordering in bulk.

Access To Other Resources

Artists and gallery owners have a wealth of knowledge about the art and everything it takes to get it hung in your space and looking amazing, as well as other resources you may benefit from.

Photo galleries are deeply connected to the larger art community. Corporate art buyers can leverage these connections to get unique prints for interior designers, commercial printers, specialty art-shipping companies, and furniture/decor suppliers.

Using a gallery's connections, you can easily get access to additional resources such as professional installers that will help speed up your corporate interior design project or corporate office re-fresh.

Aqua Therapy I is a relaxing ocean abstract image of the Maui water that is a stunning piece of wall art.  photographed and created by artist Andrew Shoemaker

The ocean has always done something to put my mind at ease. There is a certain area just before the waves break on the beach that is just magical and mesmerizing to look at and I felt I had to capture it.

Collector's Edition of 100, Artist Proof of 1

Corporate Art Collections from Andrew Shoemaker Photography

The advantages of purchasing art for corporate spaces directly from a photo gallery are clear. Direct partnerships with photography galleries and artists allow corporate art buyers to select or commission works that are perfectly aligned with their corporate identity, values, and interior design themes.

If you’re interested in buying stand-out fine art photography prints for a corporate space reach out to artist Andrew Shoemaker directly.

panoramic photograph of the biggest wave in Hawaii Jaws at sunrise with very vibrant and dramatic colors.  Photographed on the North Shore of Maui

A magnificent sunrise at Jaws (Peahi) here on Maui

Collector's Edition of 50

Blue Crystal Wall Art