Top 5 New Releases of 2023

December 31, 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, let's see the Top 5 New Releases of 2023....

1. The Phoenix | Portland, Oregon

a beautiful Japanese maple tree with fall colors photographed at the Japanese garden in Portland, Oregon by fine art photographer Andrew Shoemaker

This amazing maple tree absolutely comes to life in autumn displaying almost a rainbow of colors. Underneath the canopy you become one with the tree and its shape reminds me of a rising Phoenix. Very powerful, yet incredibly beautiful.

Collector's Edition of 100, Artist Proof of 1

2. Kyoto Dreams | Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Dreams is a fine art photograph from Japan looking down the pathway of the Arashiyama Bamboo forest path in Kyoto, Japan.

After photographing this bamboo forest years ago, I dreamed of returning with better conditions and to refine my composition. I tried several focal lengths and this frame really stood out to me with a long exposure to properly expose the scene and no wind in order to keep everything sharp. The dream came together!

Collector's Edition of 100

3. Lahaina Town | Maui, Hawaii

a panoramic image of the historic and iconic Front Street on the island of Maui, Hawaii featuring a rainbow.

The iconic and historic Front Street in Lahaina, Hawaii. This image in itself is now historic as Front Street was destroyed by a fire in August 2023.

Collectors Edition of 950 | Artist Proof of 1

4. Heart of the Aina | Oahu, Hawaii

Heart of the Aina is a fine art photograph by Andrew Shoemaker showing a heart shaped rock formation on Oahu at sunset which is formed from incoming waves.

On the west side of Oahu this amazing heart shaped rock formation can be found. It only resembles a heart when the water fills it just right so timing and shutter speed are crucial in order to capture it. This frame from sunset really stood out above the rest. Funny story is I actually got locked in this area after sunset and the police had to come let us out! Totally worth it though!

Collector's Edition of 100

5. Ke Aloha | Maui, Hawaii

Ke Aloha

It just doesn't get much better than a beautiful relaxing sunset at Kaanapali Beach on Maui. I took about 5-6 good waves at this location and luckily my camera was undamaged from the salt water but as they say, no risk it, no biscuit! Hope you enjoy!

Collector's Edition of 100