Hawaii Night Sky Photography

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Hawaii Stargazing & Night Sky Photography

Stargazing in Hawaii is a popular activity for both locals and tourists on the big island, Oahu and Maui. Because Hawaii is so geographically isolated to larger population centers, it gets much less light pollution (electric lights emit light rays that interfere with viewing the night sky) than most places in the world. This means that the stars and the greater Milky Way Galaxy look sharper and even more beautiful to the naked eye and through telescopes.

Taking Photos Of Hawaii Stars At Night

For photographers and visitors the night sky in Hawaii provide glimpses at the cosmos that can't be replicated anywhere else in the world. Some of the best astrophotography is done in Hawaii as you can capture the wonders of the night sky and add Hawaiin night landscape photography as a component of those pictures.

Best Places To Stargaze And Photograph At Night In Hawaii

You can walk right outside of your hotel or house to see an amazing skyscape, but there are also specific areas in Hawaii that allow for some truly special stargazing or photographs.

  • Mauna Kea Summit, Big Island: Renowned as one of the best stargazing spots in the world, the Mauna Kea summit has multiple observatories above 13 thousand feet. This added height eliminates more light pollution showing you pristine night skies.
  • Haleakalā National Park, Maui: The summit of Haleakalā is another prime location for stargazing in Hawaii. The clear skies and high elevation (+10 thousand feet) provide excellent conditions for observing stars and other celestial bodies.
  • Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park, Big Island: While it's not as high as Mauna Kea or Haleakalā summits, Kaloko-Honokohau is more remote and a darker location providing clear skies for stargazing and photography.
  • Lanai: With only a few hotels and limited tourist attractions, Lanai is known for it's untouched beauty, tranquility and low light pollution. This makes it one of the most peaceful and serene places in all of Hawaii to enjoy the stars.
  • Wai'anapanapa State Park, Maui: In between Kahului and Hana on the Road to Hana, Wai'anapanapa State Park is a worthy stop along this historic and picturesque road to see the Hawaiian sky and landscape of dark lava rock and ocean waves.
  • Kekaha Kai State Park, Big Island: Better known for it's beaches, the Kekaha Kai State Park is a well regarded stargazing spot. It has low light pollution and is easily accessible being just north of the Kona International Airport.
  • Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area, Big Island: Known for it's expansive beach and cultural heritage sites, Hapuna Beach can be considered remote for the big island being about a 30 minute drive from Kailua-Kona commercial area yet still convenient to get to and provides wonderful views of the stars. Another option on the Big Island, this beach park offers a beautiful setting for stargazing. While it's not as dark as some other locations, it's still a great place to enjoy the night sky.