Surfboard Art | Fine Art Prints for Wall Decor

Real Surfboards + Fine Art Photography = a brand new medium that lends itself to the art of Hawaii.

Fine art photography is printed directly on fiberglass and wrapped around a real surfboard creating detailed and stunning wall art. The surfboards also have an integrated hanging system included for easy installation. Enjoy Andrew's art in a new modern medium that looks amazing in any space.

Tired of the standard fine art prints on your wall? Surfboard fine art prints give you a unique and stunning option that is outside of the box - or rectangle in this case. You can get the same picture fidelity and beauty you'd expect from a high-definition Hawaiian fine art photograph while adding a distinct look to your decor with a surfboard.

Though we would strongly recommend not going surfing with your art, these prints are placed on real surfboards that measure 72" in length, 24" in height and 4" thick. Fake decorative surfboard art is often smaller and more two-dimensional than these, taking away from the whole point of hanging a surfboard up as decor. The unusual shape and three-dimensional nature of decorative surfboards give any wall they are hung on a singular look you can't get with a normal fine art photograph.

With its own integrated hanging system, you can enjoy surfboard room decor in any room with blank space on the wall. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms are popular choices for these but because of their durable nature, you can hang them virtually anywhere.

Businesses have also taken advantage of this unique type of art. They break up the standard, mundane corporate art and catch the eye of customers. Part of the consumer experience is appreciating not just what they're buying but the store itself and these surfboards do just that.

If you're looking for surfboard art designs or ideas, check out these options to decide what type of photo or color scheme you like best.