Secret Beach Maui Photo Gallery | Makena Cove

This is a gallery collection of fine art photography from Secret Beach in Makena on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Also known as "Makena Cove" or "Wedding Beach", it's one of the most beautiful and iconic beaches in all of Hawaii. To purchase a print, click on the image and then scroll down and choose your size from the drop down menus. All payments are processed using the latest secure technology from Stripe and PayPal. Please feel free to browse all of the Galleries.

Why is it called Secret Beach?

Well truthfully, this beach really isn't a secret anymore but the name remains as it's very easy to miss and just drive right by without knowing it's even there. If you're thinking you're going to have it all to yourself, well those days are long gone but, it's a fabulous place to just sit and enjoy the grandeur of Maui. On most days, you can see the islands of Kaho'olawe, Lanai and Molokini Crater on the horizon. Unless conditions are very calm, it's generally not the best beach for swimming as the currents and waves can be very strong here. Secret beach is also referred to as "Pa'ako Cove", "Makena Cove", and also "Wedding Beach" as it's become a favorite for Maui beach weddings. While not everyone will agree on the name, I don't think anyone can argue it's beauty.