Maui Waterfall Pictures

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Why Hawaii Waterfall Photography Is Endlessly Beautiful

There are so many waterfalls in Hawaii that there's disagreement as to how many waterfalls are in Hawaii. A common nice round number some cite is 100 waterfalls, while the World Waterfall Database lists 543 waterfalls, and Wikipedia lists a paltry 37. Regardless of the exact amount - there are A LOT of waterfalls in Hawaii!

As an artist who lives in Maui and goes all over Hawaii for photography, waterfalls are some of my favorite subjects to capture. For me, the best waterfall pictures balance the calmness of the surrounding landscape with the energy of the running water. Also, because of their natural verticality, a sense of depth framing of the waterfall can be achieved, adding a striking element to the pictures.

In my photography, I try to blend the beauty of the landscape with the flow of the water and use the depth of field naturally created by the waterfall to frame it all. With these three distinct elements, I can take a variety of photos at the same waterfall that have completely different visual experiences.

Add to all this, the standard elements of a picture you can manipulate with photography equipment and skill, and you can see why I say it's endlessly beautiful. I could spend an endless

amount of time visiting all of the documented and undocumented waterfalls in Hawaii, exploring different angles to shoot from, to varying times of day or the year, with different equipment and photography gizmos to experiment with.

Why So Many Waterfalls?

Hawaii has a high concentration of waterfalls for three reasons unique to the islands' formation and longitude on the globe.

  • Volcanic Terrain: The islands were formed by volcanic eruptions and as the volcanic rock erodes it leaves behind steeper cliffs and ridges. This uneven terrain creates the perfect conditions for waterfalls to form, as streams and rivers flow down these sharp drops.
  • Abundant Rainfall: Hawaii is located in the subtropics and receives between 25 and 30 inches a year of rainfall. This keeps the streams and rivers flowing, feeding the many waterfalls.
  • Underground springs: Another byproduct of Hawaii being relatively newly formed volcanic islands, the hot magma shifting and flowing creates chasms for water and steam to collect, further feeding waterfall streams.

As a photographer, the abundance of waterfalls is a blessing and a joy to work with. I get to experience the surrounding nature and try to capture a perfect moment in time to share. I'm thankful to benefit from the millions of years of volcanic eruptions it took to form the islands and the rainfall that makes waterfalls so numerous and beautiful.