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Torii Gates

Torii gates are meant to mark the transition between the sacred (Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples etc.) and the ordinary. These gates are iconic with their distinctive architectural design, consisting of two vertical posts connected by two horizontal beams, often painted in vermilion red.

Passing through a torii gate signifies entering a spiritual realm and purifying oneself before approaching the shrine. Their simple yet striking appearance and cultural symbolism make torii gates a significant part of Japan's architectural and religious landscapes. Torii gates are gorgeous to look at and wonderful subjects for pictures.

- A torii gate above a lake reflecting into the water below giving you a full picture of what a large torii gate looks like.

The Gateway
- A perfectly centered torii gate built to stand above and reflect on the lake below, taken at dawn.

Inner Peace
- Similar to the picture Longevity, this picture of large torii gate standing over a lake with a reflection of the vermilion red color of the gate.

Into the Realm
- The visual effect of identical torii gates lined up slightly adjacent to one another truly gives you the sense of wonder as you're passing into sacred ground

- A torii gate from a distance over a picturesque lake with light blue and pink hues sprinkled throughout the photo.

Sagano Bamboo Forest

The Sagano Bamboo Forest is a natural but curated attraction located in the Arashiyama district on the outskirts of Kyoto, Japan. Its towering bamboo stalks that create a serene and otherworldly atmosphere as you stroll along the designated pathways. The tall, slender bamboo trees form a dense and picturesque canopy, creating a unique ambiance as sunlight filters through the swaying green stalks.

The Sagano Bamboo Forest is not just a natural wonder but also an iconic and culturally significant destination, showcasing the beauty of nature and offering a serene retreat within the bustling city of Kyoto. These pictures are a few of my favorites from all of Japan and try to capture this singular landscape and trails.

Kyoto Dream
- A carefully curated pathway through the bamboo forest with a mix of the autumn browns and the green of the growing bamboo.

Righteous Path
- Similar to the photo, Kyoto Dream is a wide-angle shot of a pathway through the bamboo forest.

Follow the Path
- With deeper colors compared to other photos, this is a gorgeous photo of a walkway through the bamboo forest.

Japanese Temples

Temples in Japan are holy places dedicated to worship, meditation and reflection and are typically Buddhist but also relate to Shintoism or other cultural belief systems. Consequently, temples can vary greatly but often feature traditional elements like pagoda-style roofs, intricate wooden structures and ornate decorations. Much of the time temples are surrounded by gardens or natural features that will symbolize harmony and balance.

Today temples are still used for worship but are also cultural landmarks that preserve ancient traditions and open to anyone who wishes to visit. These temple photos try to capture the diversity and grandeur of these beautiful temples.

- A small outdoor structure on temple grounds taken from below to capture how it's nestled among the changing autumn leaves.

Ukimido Zen
- A small temple structure at the end of a dock jutting out into a serene lake.

Reflections of the Past
- A photo of a four story pagoda style temple roof taken at night while it reflects off of the pond below.

Bentendo fall
- A stunning example of a small temple being in harmony with it's natural surrounding with a vermilion colored bridge leading you to the sanctuary.

Temple of Gold
- A rare, yellow-painted large temple that stands three stories high over a pristine lake.

Zen - A picture of the view from within a temple looking out to the surrounding trees with changing colors.

- A wooden bridge leading to a temple across a small pond.


Japan's cityscapes are a captivating blend of modernity and tradition, where futuristic skyscrapers stand alongside historic temples and shrines. Cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Yokohama showcase a unique fusion of ancient culture and modern-age technology.

Remnants of Japan's rich cultural heritage are evident in historic districts with narrow alleys, wooden houses, and ancient temples nestled amidst the urban sprawl. These pictures catch a glimpse of the unique look of Japanese cityscapes.

- The backstreets of Kyoto looking up at the nearby temple at night paint a peaceful picture.

Land of Fuji
- With a pagoda in the foreground, Mount Fuji in the background and the city of Kyoto in the middle, a wonderful picture of both nature and the cityscape.

Rainbow Bridge
- Taken on the cost of Tokyo with a massive modern bridge and brightly lit up boat over the river.

Japanese Landscape

Japan is home to many landscapes, flora and fauna - all of which can make for a stunning photograph. Japan's landscapes embody diverse beauty and tranquil charm, from Mount Fuji's snowy peaks to Yakushima's lush forests. With four distinct seasons, the scenery transforms—from spring's cherry blossoms to autumn's fiery foliage—creating an ever-changing canvas.

Manicured gardens in Kyoto exude serenity, while rugged landscapes like the Noto Peninsula offer untamed beauty. Serene lakes, cascading waterfalls, and meandering rivers punctuate these vistas, inviting contemplation and admiration.

Dawn of Yamanaka
- At the northern base of Mount Fuji, sits the pristine waters of Lake Yamanaka with a handmade dock and swans pictured to give you a glimpse of its beauty.

- A collection of waterfalls in a Japanese forest that creates an optical illusion of a perfect rainbow.

Swan Song
- A slightly wider angle shot of Lake Yamanaka and it's serene landscape

Pink Lotus
- A close-up photo of a pink lotus flower opening up to reveal it's bright yellow pistil and stigma.

The Phoenix - A large, imposing tree that's changing from summer to fall colors on a hill beside a big rock.

Autumn Elegance
- Similar to The Phoenix, a cropped photo of a tree changing from summer green to autumn oranges.