Beach Sunset Pictures

This is an online photography gallery showcasing the beautiful light of beach sunset pictures from the collection of artist Andrew Shoemaker. These pictures of sunsets provide a variety of colors, subjects and themes. From the golden yellow at the beginning of a sunset to the vibrant oranges and purples heading into twilight, you'll find the perfect photo for your space. Scroll down further to learn how to choose the perfect beach sunset picture.

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Why are sunsets so picturesque?

Our body naturally reacts to sunlight and our brains are hardwired to enjoy sunlight in its various forms - even in a photograph! These beach sunset scenes showcase a range of different sunsets on beaches all over Hawaii.

Beautiful sunset pictures on the beach vary in color palettes and subject matter. The key is to find one that you like most. The good news is that it’s hard to go wrong!

How do you choose the right beach sunset photo?

With so many different types of beaches and sunsets, you have almost limitless options in selecting the perfect beach sunset to hang out and enjoy. With so many options - how do you narrow your choices down and ultimately select one?

Pick Your Colors

The great news is that you can pick from just about any color in the rainbow and you can usually find a combination of colors you're looking for. From the brightest yellows to the deepest crimson and purple, sunsets give off a wide range of light that can be captured in a photo. When it comes to picking the right color or groups of colors, ask yourself some of these questions:

· Is there a color or group of colors that you picture when thinking of the idyllic beach sunset?

· Which colors absolutely do or do not match or compliment the interior of the room?

· How prominently do you want the sun to be in the photo (darker colors the later the sun sets)?

If you have the answers to these questions, you've narrowed down the range of photos that are right for you.

Pick Your Picture Size

If the picture is too small it won't add much to your decor if it's too big it overly dominates a room. If your goal is to add a little flare or to engulf a room, you can get prints as small as 9"x6" or get a custom 10' large print. However, if you're looking to fill up a space without overtaking it, you want to aim for 60% - 75% of the visible wall space covered.

So, if you know the space, you can do some quick math. For example, if you have a space to fill that's five feet wide and three feet high, that's a total of 15 feet of area, so a picture ideally takes up 9 feet (60%) or 11.25 feet (75%). Still need help visualizing? Try out my art visualizer.

Pick Your Frame

This is typically done last, however the most popular option currently is to display the art unframed. if you know the exact frame that you want for a room, you can start by choosing the frame. Regardless of when you pick a frame, here are three things to keep in mind:

· Colors of the beach sunset – you should match or compliment, but don't clash

· Wood, metal or other material - choose the style right for the room and your taste

· Frame color options - keep in mind: this can be limited based on your choice of material

Hang Your Piece of Paradise

The moment you've waited for! Hang the beach sunset up and enjoy your own piece of paradise!