Abstract Landscape Photography

This online gallery features the best selling abstract landscape photography from the collection of Hawaii artist Andrew Shoemaker. Andrew Shoemaker, while not exclusively an abstract photographer, has a notable collection of abstract landscape and nature prints. Andrew uses a variety of different abstract photography techniques to create photos that are as unique as they are beautiful. These prints are for sale and can be purchased in different sizes on the print-medium of your choosing. You can also receive a custom quote for a size or medium that's not listed by contacting Andrew directly at any time.

Types Of Abstract Photography Prints Available

Andrew Shoemaker's abstract photo gallery showcases a captivating collection of images from diverse locations, including the rich landscapes of Hawaii, the unique desert scenes of Arizona, and the serene beauty of Japan

American Southwest Photos

The combination of colors and textures forged over millions of years in the American southwest is provocative and perfect for abstract nature photography. These photos were taken at Antelope Canyon and demonstrate the patterns and interplay of light that can transform the landscape into something that is unrecognizable yet familiar and visually pleasing. You can learn more about Antelope Canyon and available photos.

Abstract Water Photos

Water is a great subject matter for abstract photography because of how it reflects light, taking on the surrounding colors, and the visual texture of water when it's captured on film. You'll see a variety of colors and textures that range wildly from one another, so regardless of your preferred color palette or degree of abstractness, you'll likely find a photo that is aesthetically pleasing.

Uncommon Perspective Photos

When you zoom in or out with your camera a new visual dynamicism is revealed. Simple subject matter, like a plant, forest or landscape becomes much more visually complex with different patterns and colors creating abstract-looking images that still strike a chord in viewers. These types of photos are perfect for appreciating nature in an uncommon way.

Abstract Nature Photography

Fine art photo prints of Hawaii's beautiful flora make for striking abstract nature art. Andrew Shoemaker's gallery includes mesmerizing images of Rainbow Eucalyptus trees, which are known for their vividly colored bark, serene palm trees, cascading waterfalls, the intricate beauty of Japanese maple trees, and other native Hawaiian plants.