Hawaiian Wave Photography Fine Art

This is a gallery featuring Hawaii wave photography from the islands of Hawaii from the collection of Andrew Shoemaker. Purchasing a print through this website can be completed using the drop down menus below every image by selecting your desired size and print surface. All purchases are completed using Stripe or Paypal payment systems that are safe, secure and use the latest up to date security technology available today. To receive a custom quote for a size and/or medium not listed below, or to inquire about volume discounts, please use the Contact form to speak to Andrew directly at any time.

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Waves Photography That Captures The Eye

Photos of waves capture a split second of time that normally happens so quickly we can't take in the true beauty of it in real time. It's only when we're able to isolate that small moment in time in a picture that we can take in its ethereal beauty.

Why Hawaiian Waves Are So Special

Hawaii's unique geography results in wave patterns seen nowhere else in the world. More specifically, large winter storms that originate south of Alaska create waves that have an unobstructed path all the way down to Hawaii. So, compared to other islands throughout the world, big waves in Hawaii are much more common.

Why Hawaiian Waves Are So Photogenic

Hawaii has several factors going for it when it comes to how amazing the beaches and waves are to photograph. First, its remote location means it's further away from larger population centers and therefore more easily avoids secondary pollution. Second, just 20 degrees north of the equator, it enjoys a temperate climate with a lot of sunshine. Additionally, larger swells and waves are common in Hawaii so you have a greater chance of getting the dramatic picture of a wave cresting you'd hope for.

Why A Metal Print Of A Wave Is Best

Wave photos are best when they are printed using Dibond or Chromaluxe with the main difference between them being Dibond can have more a sheen to it while Chromaluxe is flatter more like traditional canvas. Both great options depending on the room and look you're going for. Advantages of metal prints for fine art wave photos include:

· HD Quality - both Dibond and Chromaluxe are high-definition wave prints

· Non-porous - can be hung in places with high amounts of humidity

· Easy to hang - designed to be easily hung in any room or office