Lava Pictures of Hawaii | Volcano Photography

This is a gallery featuring lava and Hawaii volcano pictures for sale from the collection of artist Andrew Shoemaker. Purchasing a print through this website can be completed using the drop down menus below every image by selecting your desired size and print surface. To receive a custom quote for a size and/or medium not listed below, or to inquire about volume discounts, please use the Contact form to speak to Andrew directly at any time.

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More about These Lava Images

In honor of the Hawaiian volcano deity, Pele, many of these photos are named after her. In the Hawaiian tradition, she represented the natural, beautiful yet destructive force of frequent volcanic eruptions on the islands.

These powerful yet elegant professional photos show what happens when magma reaches the ocean from a volcano and the ensuing chemical reaction. This is referred to as "laze" combining the words "lava" with "haze" and is considered to be poisonous. While it may be deadly to breathe, the visuals it creates are stunning.

Along with the "laze" photos, the gallery includes pictures of lava with varying color schemes and themes.

Insights from the Photographer

Opposing Forces

One of the most impressive scenes that I've ever witnessed - lava entering the ocean with the pacific crashing against it in opposition is just truly amazing! You literally have fire and water opposing each other here, so it's a battle of two forces.

Edge of Creation

One of the most epic ideas I had for an image, and it really just kind of happened, so I had to figure out a way to pull this one off. If you look closely, you can also see the international space station in the upper corner of this one too.

Pele's Battle

A longer exposure I captured at night as the lava enters the ocean on the Big Island of Hawaii. So many forces at play here and what an amazing thing to photograph.

Worlds Collide

There are few things as epic as seeing these two forces of mother nature collide. Captured at sunrise at the 61G lava flow.

Paw of Pele

What an amazing scene watching the lava enter the ocean on the Big Island of Hawaii. I did a slightly longer exposure here to accentuate the motion of the scene.

Burning Within

It is truly amazing that the Earth is still so hot underneath you that it is literally glowing red! I found this interesting view and wanted to capture that feeling. It made a nice abstract image of beautiful textures that only seem to exist here.