corabell roberts(non-registered)
Your photo's has help me relax. They make me feel like I am right there. One day I hope to visit the islands. They are so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing and bringing us into your world of beauty.
Tracy Saunders(non-registered)
I love your photography! As a fellow creative photographer in Maui, I can appreciate your work on many levels. Thank you for sharing some of your techniques with other artists as well.
Jack Carp(non-registered)
Samuel Pieper(non-registered)
Your photography is amazing. Do you sell prints?
corabell c roberts(non-registered)
Your photo's are beautiful. They make me feel like I am there. Such awesome photos
Gary and Monica Strasia(non-registered)
We love Maui and we love the artwork that you produce with your photography. You truly capture the feeling of Maui.
(We also love your work of the other Islands too.)
Thank you
You pictures are most definitely Amazingly Awesome,lol..❤❤❤ your wk!:)
good night quotes(non-registered)
nice post. amazing quality
Bill & Marla Woolfolk(non-registered)
Your pictures are amazing! You are a great photographer! Wow we are amazed! Thank you!
Randy U.(non-registered)
The strength, power, grace, love and integrity.
All personal traits of Andrew.
As I have been blessed to know Andrew personally and worked with him thousands of hours he is the best.
One of the most gifted individuals around and and it shows through Andrews work.
Whether capturing a moment or telling a compete story, that reflection reveals through his work.
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