Andrew Shoemaker is a fine art photographer based in Maui, HI


What first started as documenting hiking, skiing and off road adventures has evolved into a world class fine art collection of images inspired by the mysterious harmony of mother nature that exists all around us.


Self taught, Andrew always has had an appreciation for all those that have helped him along the way and is eternally grateful for the opportunity to photograph some of the most beautiful places on Planet Earth.  


Andrew strives to bring the viewer into the scene just as he sees it through the viewfinder and hopes that it will take you away from the ordinary and along this glorious journey with him.


"My belief is that an image has the power to take your breath away, the power to heal and even make you cry.  My hope is that through these images, we can connect on a higher level and truly share how beautiful this world is with one another".

                                                                   - Andrew Shoemaker